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"Melodia" S.A. - Rent of commercial premises

We offer rental of commercial space in the largest shopping centers throughout the country!



Flexibility in choice

Flexibility in choosing commercial space for almost any type of business. You can choose from the area of a whole floor (2000-2200 sq.m.) to the area of a mini-boutique (10-20 sq.m.)


"PLAZA" means the best location, convenient access roads and unloading ramps, spacious parking spaces for visitors (on average for 100 cars), modern air conditioning and ventilation systems, 24-hour security, video surveillance, fire alarms, etc.


PLAZA - always the best offers and the best locations for the development of your business. The result will exceed expectations!

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Central store

The facility is located in the center of Chisinau, in the Centru sector, bul. Stefan cel Mare, 3, on the first floor of a nine-storey residential building, the area is built up with five to ten-storey residential, commercial and administrative buildings.

The territory adjacent to the store is public land and belongs to the Chisinau City Hall, landscaped with asphalt, paving slabs, parking and landscaping with perennial trees, which creates convenient approaches to the store and vehicle access.

The stops of public trolleybus and bus transport are located at a distance of 100 meters from the store, which creates a convenient transport connection with any part of the city.

The main facade of the store overlooks the "Krasnaya" building line, blvd. Stefan cel Mare, the courtyard façade adjoins the utility courtyard of a residential building.

If necessary, the shopping area of ​​the commercial center can be expanded.

The commercial center is built-in and attached to a nine-storey residential building.

The total usable area is 843.7 m2.

The height of the premises from floor to ceiling is 3.00 m.

The object is equipped with an entrance from the courtyard facade.

The building in which the Object is located is made of a reinforced concrete frame, the enclosing structures - a cauldron and metal-plastic stained-glass windows.

The outer and inner load-bearing walls of the store are made of concrete and cauldron, the thickness of the walls is 0.40 - 0.50 m, the inner partitions are brick and cauldron.

Floors: in the trading floor - ceramic tiles, in administrative and office premises - linoleum, ceramic tiles.

Interior decoration: in the sales area - liquid wallpaper, Armstrong false ceilings with built-in lamps, in the rest of the premises - plaster, painting, whitewash, wallpaper.

External finishing: the main facade - stained-glass windows, facing with cauldron tiles, the basement is faced with granite. The side and courtyard facades are plastered with sand-cement mortar.

The facility is equipped with:

Plumbing from city networks

  • Household sewerage system connected to the city network
  • Electricity supply from city networks with a separate switchboard
  • Heating water, central, from city networks
  • Automatic security, fire alarm

All objects

PLAZA - Chisinau district "Botanica"

The shopping and entertainment centers "PLAZA" and "PLAZA PLUS", located in the Botanica section at str. Brancusi 3, were commissioned in 2003 and are part of the republican network of shopping centers under a single brand "Plaza", which also includes 4 commercial buildings: in Centru sec. And Ciocana sec. In Chisinau municipality, in Orhei and in Balti municipality.

The total area of ​​shopping centers is 7,542 m2 and design work is currently underway to increase it by commissioning additional commercial space. The centers are equipped with all the necessary utilities and a modern ventilation and air conditioning system.

Taking into account the convenient location and the design solution of the buildings of shopping centers, the production and trade activities of the shopping center "PLAZA" are fully focused on the quality provision of the social needs of the population of the Botanica sector. On the first floor of the building, for the convenience of visitors, there is a supermarket of food and related products of the Green Hills Market, a well-known trading network in Chisinau, a shoe store “Zorile” and a lingerie store “Milavitsa”. The second floor of the shopping center is occupied by a store of the no less famous network of electrical household goods "Alina Electronic". To organize sports and cultural recreation for residents of the Botanica sector, the Niagara Fitness Club and the Plaza-Bowling bowling club function on the territory of the center.

Also, for the convenience of visitors, the shopping center "PLAZA" has two bank branches and bank terminals for receiving payments from the population.

In front of the central and side entrance to the building, there is a large equipped parking lot for 103 cars, which guarantees comfortable service for car owners and ensures an influx of visitors from other sectors of Chisinau municipality.

The owner of the PLAZA shopping center is the Melodia Joint Stock Company, which independently built and commissioned three similar commercial objects: Plaza-Ciocana shopping center, Plaza-Orhei shopping center and Plaza-Bălţi shopping center.

Today the shopping center "PLAZA" at str. Brancusi 3 is one of the most visited social and cultural facilities, which was appreciated by both residents of the Botanica sector and other visitors of our capital.

All objects

,,PLAZA'' - Chisinau district "Ciocana"

The building of the commercial center is framed in terms of 38.5 x 53.5 m. Wall fencing - sandwich-type wall panels, insulation - 100 mm thick mineral wool boards.

The building frame is metal. The grid of columns is 6.0 x 8.0 m. Part of the building with dimensions of 12 x 31.5 m is three-storey + basement at an elevation of 3.200. The height of the first floor is 4.5 m, the height of the second floor is 3.3 m, the height of the third floor is 3.0 m.

In the basement, on the II and III floors, there are offices and administration, on the I floor and the ramp - unloading of goods, a warehouse, culinary premises.

Part of the building with dimensions 41 x 31.5 m in plan is two-storey. The height of the first floor is 4.5 m. The second floor is covered with metal trusses, which made it possible to complete it as a hall, without columns.

On the ground floor there is a supermarket “Green Hills”, a pharmacy, a bank. On the second floor - “Alina Electronic”, “Green Hills”, cosmetics.

The roof is pitched. Covering - sandwich-type roofing panels, insulation - mineral wool boards 120 mm thick.

Engineering and communications.


Transportation of goods is carried out using two freight elevators with a lifting capacity of 1000 kg. An escalator was installed to transport visitors to the second floor.

Power supply.

The power supply to the center is carried out through two cable lines from the station No. 983 with two transformers with a capacity of 630 KVA each.

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning.

For heating water and heating local premises, there is a household boiler room with three wall-mounted boilers with a capacity of 45 kW.

For air conditioning of sales areas (heating, cooling), 5 gas boiler houses (Roof-top) with a capacity of 2 units of 240 KW each, 2 units of 150 KW, 1 unit of 90 KW are installed on the roof

Water supply and sewerage.

The source of water supply is the existing water supply network Ø 300 mm on the street. Jinte Latine. The network is circular. Industrial and industrial wastewater is discharged into the existing city networks on the street. Jinte Latine.

All objects

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,,PLAZA'' - always the best offers and the best locations for the development of your business.

The result will exceed expectations!

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