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The company "Melodia" has been providing its services for the lease of commercial real estate since 2005, when the management of the Company launched a new project to create a network of shopping and entertainment centers on the territory of Moldova under the common brand "PLAZA"

2005 - the shopping center "Plaza" was purchased and reconstructed

(Botanica sector of Chisinau municipality);

2006 - the shopping center "Plaza-Plus" was purchased and reconstructed

(Botanica sector of Chisinau municipality);

2007 - built and put into operation the shopping center "Plaza-Ciocana"

(Ciocana sector of Chisinau municipality);

2009 - the shopping center “Plaza-Bălţi” (mun. Beltsy) and the shopping center “Plaza-Orhei” (Orgeev) were built and put into operation.


Provide the most convenient and shortest way "SELLER - BUYER" and satisfy the interests of both the tenant (sell goods or services) and the consumer (purchase the required range of products / services at one point).

The company provides a wide range of rental premises: from an entire floor area (2000-2200 sq.m.) to a mini-boutique area (10-20 sq.m.). Thanks to our services, you can find a commercial space for almost any type of business: a supermarket, a sports and entertainment center, a catering center, a specialized goods store, a casino and a slot machine room, a bank branch, a pharmacy, a service bureau (tourism, advertising, publishing, legal) and so on.


Flexibility in choosing commercial space for almost any type of business. You can choose from the area of a whole floor (2000-2200 sq.m.) to the area of a mini-boutique (10-20 sq.m.)

"PLAZA" means the best location, convenient access roads and unloading ramps, spacious parking spaces for visitors (on average 100 cars), modern air conditioning and ventilation systems, 24-hour security, video surveillance, fire alarms, etc.

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How we are working?

Sending an offer with a description of the object

Detailed description of the rental object, location, design features, technical support. Price offer.

Discussion of the offer, site visit

Discussion of the offer with a potential tenant. Clarification of details, showing the location, discussion of technical details (repair work, possible start dates, etc.). Discussion of the final financial terms of the lease.

Discussion and conclusion of a contract

Submission of a draft contract for study. Discussion of articles and features of the lease contract, adaptation to the terms of the tenant, editing and signing of the final version. If necessary, registration of the contract with the cadastral authorities.

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